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Want to know what to expect when you stay at Acorn Cabin Rentals? Check out our Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge cabin reviews! We are proud to share honest feedback from previous guests. Our reviews are a fantastic resource for anyone trying to decide which cabin is right for their next getaway in the Smoky Mountains. Browse through the testimonials to learn what guests loved about our vacation rentals. If you have stayed with Acorn Cabin Rentals before, don’t forget to send us a testimonial to add to our Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge cabin reviews!

Leticia Hernandez - 07/15/2020 4.0

We enjoyed our stay at the cabin, it was clean and had everything we needed to use especially in the kitchen. Everything was great except when we arrived. The cabin wasn’t ready for Check in at 4p.m. We were tired and it was hot, just ready to get some rest but waited until 6p.m. That is the only thing I wasn’t happy about.

Monica Stricklin - 07/10/2020 5.0

These cabins are amazing! There is plenty to entertain you and the family when you want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain! We will be back again!

William Slusser - 07/01/2020 5.0

Rented the cabin with a private pool, jacuzz, game room, and king size beds. Kids had a blast, wife is happy, and dad has a happy life. Clean, great location, and an experience made for commercials. Third stay with Aunt Bugs. Thanks Aunt Bugs for another great vacation.

Erin Blauvelt - 06/29/2020 5.0

We have used Aunt Bugs 3 times so far and will continue to use them. The check in/out process is always so easy and the staff is friendly. The cabins have never disappointed. Highly recommend giving them a try. You also get coupons for area attractions.

Colleen - 06/24/2020 5.0

We stayed at Apple Bear View cabin. Perfect for a couple trying to get away. The back deck was my favorite spot. The view was amazing sitting on the deck swing. The hot tub was fantastic!! Also saw my very first bear in the wild while staying here. Became when purchasing a vacation guarantee with Aunt Bugs if you don't rent your cabin 30 to 60 days out plus it is a waste of money. It will be offered even if it doesn't apply to your dates!! Everything worked out great for us but beware.

Donna Brady - 06/22/2020 4.0

1st time with a Cabin/pool combo..Thought it was a bit pricey but once it was all said and done. IT WAS GREAT 👍💯❤️ The kids never wanted to get out. LoL. And the window that allows you to be in the kitchen and watch them while swimming.. PERFECT!!! Kitchen a little small but again. The Pool is what sets it off. And when it rained for 2 days. The kids just kept on swimming. Very close to strip was a really nice 5day get away. Will be again.

Katy Wilson - 06/13/2020 5.0

Our cabin was clean and had an absolutely gorgeous views of the mountains. The rental process was easy and our check-in and checkout were both super fast. We have rented from other companies in the past but will definitely stick with Aunt Bug's for any future rentals. They truly offered great quality and a great value.

Jerusha Anne McCutchen - 06/04/2020 5.0

Deer Run Getaway was a wonderful, beautiful, safe, and fun place for me and my girls to spend the week. The staff were friendly and helpful and I believe we got a really great deal for how HUGE our cabin was. We spent a LOT of time there enjoying grilling, sitting in the great room, taking advantage of all the outside balconies with the rocking chairs, relaxing in the sparkling clear hot tub, playing game after game of pool and air hockey and alllll the video games. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to just relax and take in some fresh mountain air out in the woods away from everything - but only 3 miles away from food and more fun!

Carmy Revalee - 05/23/2020 5.0

We had a great time! The cabin and the river was gorgeous! Location was close to everything! The staff was kind and helpful! Can't wait to come back soon! Overall wonderful experience.

K Scott - 05/18/2020 5.0

Aunt Bug's won't bug you! They are there for you if you need them, but they won't worry you to death. They have top of the line cabins at competitive prices. Their staff is helpful and knowledgeable.

Samantha Duda - 05/15/2020 5.0

Everything about our stay was perfect! The cabin was beautiful, the location was great. We had all the amenities we needed for a quiet getaway. The staff was very helpful and friendly. This was our first trip to the area but definitely won’t be our last!

LeAnn Goeken - 05/13/2020 5.0

We had the best time here. It was the first time we ever visited the Smoky mountains and I have to say that it was probably one of my best experiences away from home. It was about a nine and a half hour drive for us but once we got there it was very relaxing Nice and tidy It was kept very clean. Aunt bugs makes it easy to check in and out even during the pandemic we didn't have to see anyone or grab keys from anyone. All the paperwork was over email and via phone once we got in. A customer service representative called us on our way about 4 hours before check-in time to let us know the process and to send in our ID information through email. all of this was super simple and easy and the customer service agent was able to answer any questions I had. I didn't have many questions though because everything was answered through the documents I received through email but being someone who asks a lot of questions especially their first time at a place they were all answered very confidently. I would recommend bringing dish soap they only had soap for the dishwasher which I did use. I just wish I had my own we brought all of our own food because of the pandemic and we made our own food I brought Clorox wipes and Lysol all-purpose to clean everything that we were going to eat off of so I did have something. I was afraid we wouldn't have enough towels but they had plenty of towels for us even with the hot tub. Her room included a pool table a hot tub a back porch front porch a king size bed a jacuzzi bathtub two bathrooms and a grill. This cost $137 a night so I found it very reasonable and I am definitely impressed with the service. we were able to bring our dog which was 40 lb of 40 lb dog and under is an extra $75 fee if our dog was heavier than 40 lb it was $150. I thought that was a reasonable cost especially since if I had to board him it would be a lot more. And he didn't have to stay with a family member and miss us the whole time. The cabin we say that was not very far from pigeon forge and I have to say I want to go back because when we went during that pandemic everything was closed and there was a lot of attractions that looked really neat so I would definitely go back and I am definitely recommending this and any other cabin that they have. 👍👍 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Natosha Truslow - 04/24/2020 5.0

Cabin was nice and tidy, hot tub and jacuzzi was clean. Had plenty of games to entertain the kids during the quarantine vacation. Stayed 3 nights in the cabin and left twice to go to Kroger’s. Really enjoyed the back porch with sunrise, with screened in porch. The whole family wanted to stay longer! Will be coming back again. Very great deal, spent a total of 600 dollars for a 3 night stay including meals. Great stay if you are getting restless in your own home during this pandemic.

Rebecca Wilson - 03/16/2020 5.0

We were supposed to stay at another cabin and when we arrived it was disgusting and we refused to stay. We called around to a few other places before we found Aunt Bug's. The gentleman on the phone was polite and tried to find us everything we wanted in a cabin even though it was last minute and we told him we weren't expecting much. However he found us the most wonderful place. It was so clean and private. We loved it! And everyone was so nice and sweet to us when we arrived to sign the papers and told us to call if we needed anything and they meant it. We will never stay with anyone else! Thank you for making our 5th anniversary a lovely one instead of horrible!

Kristina Bronson - 02/28/2020 5.0

We use Aunt Bugs Cabin Rentals every year for our Tennessee vacation. The site is easy to use, the customer service is very helpful when speaking with via phone, check-in and out is easy and now can be done through an app on your phone (which is great for when your leaving early or arriving late), the cabins are always clean and cozy, and the prices are great! We have come with other couples as well as made our trips just family. I would highly recommend Aunt Bugs Cabin Rentals if your looking for a all around great Cabin stay and experience. I have used this company 10+ times and have yet to have a bad experience. Give them a try!!

Lottie McCarter - 02/26/2020 5.0

I am so happy I chose to stay with Aunt Bug's Cabin Rentals! Sara and Michele made everything so easy! They were both so informative and friendly! I stayed in Stairway to Heaven #556 for my family reunion. Everyone LOVED the cabin! Plenty of space and gorgeous Smoky Mountain views! We will be back again soon for our next family vacation! It was truly the trip of a lifetime!

Jordan Leaver - 02/21/2020 5.0

We had the best time at Splash N' Play #524! Our entire group of 15 LOVED the indoor pool! Everything was clean and in working order. Aunt Bug's Cabin Rentals went above and beyond all expectations. Sara recommended this cabin for us and Michele helped set us up for an express check-in to allow us to bypass coming to the office on our day of check-in. It was extremely convenient! And at check-out, all we had to do was lock up and call them to let them know we were leaving. We can't wait to come back next year!

Jordan Porley - 02/11/2020 5.0

The initial phone call lead me to book the perfect cabin for my vacation to the Smoky Mountains. Michele was so informative and Sara was so sweet. We had the best time. Michele checked in on us the next morning to see how our stay was going. We called the office for restaurant recommendations and Sara was so helpful. We loved everything from start to finish with Aunt Bug's Cabin Rentals, we will be back again soon!

Michael Harper - 01/30/2020 5.0


Jazmine Toliver - 01/28/2020 5.0

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful time. My husband and I were able to get some much needed R & R in All Tucked Away. We wanted a cabin that was secluded and quiet and Sara suggested this perfect cabin. We enjoyed the fireplace and relaxing in the hot tub. It was nice and clean. Check-in was very easy with Michele. Both girls were very helpful in steering us to the perfect restaurant in Gatlinburg for a nice dinner. We will be back again soon and will tell our friends and family about Aunt Bug's!

Jaycie Adams - 01/28/2020 5.0

Great company! This is my first time vacationing in TN. We rented Skinny Dippin' and it was perfect. We liked that we did not have to drive so far to get to restaurants and shopping. The pool was the BEST part! Michele called and checked on us during our stay which is a very nice touch. I stopped in the office and Sara gave me a gift bag with coupons. Everyone was very nice and the cabin was divine. We love TN!

Ronnie Yates - 01/28/2020 5.0

Great stay in Foxy Lady! The office staff was exceptional. Sara was most helpful in answering questions about the rental program and investing in a cabin. The cabin was great and we loved the location. My wife called to add an extra night and Michele was happy to help. Great stay and we will be back.

A Google User - 01/23/2020 5.0

We had an AMAZING vacation with Aunt Bug's Cabin Rentals! We rented Splash Mansion #500 for our family reunion and it was the BEST experience! The cabin has everything you need to never have to leave but is still just a few minutes away from downtown Gatlinburg when you do want to get out and check out the attractions! Michele helped us choose the right cabin and gave us suggestions on what to do with the kids while in town. We checked in at the office with Sara and she was very welcoming and made us feel right at home; Southern hospitality at its finest! We are planning on coming back later this year!

Tom Pollard - 01/23/2020 5.0

We had an AMAZING vacation with Aunt Bug's Cabin Rentals! We rented Splash Mansion #500 for our family reunion and it was the BEST experience! The cabin has everything you need to never have to leave but is still just a few minutes away from downtown Gatlinburg when you do want to get out and check out the attractions! Michele helped us choose the right cabin and gave us suggestions on what to do with the kids while in town. We checked in at the office with Sara and she was very welcoming and made us feel right at home; Southern hospitality at its finest! We are planning on coming back later this year!

A Google User - 01/21/2020 5.0

Sara and Michele were great! I worked with both of them on finding the PERFECT cabin for my family and met them both in the office at check-in. They were both so beautiful they looked like they could have been performers in one of the local dinner shows. The cabin was just as gorgeous. We stayed in Awesome Views #701 and it had THE BEST VIEWS IN GATLINBURG! The whole family of 14 LOVED the cabin. Perfect location and amenities! We loved taking in the view from the hot tub. Will be back again soon!