4 Groups Who Will Love Our 4 Bedroom Cabins in Smoky Mountains

No matter what type of vacation you’re planning, our 4 bedroom cabins in Smoky Mountains are by far the best place to entertain your group! From young kids all the way up to great, great grandparents, everyone loves spending a weekend in the Smokies, and our cabins make your stay affordable, convenient and an absolute blast! Read on to learn more about groups that are sure to love a Smoky Mountain vacation.

1. A Group of Kids

Are you planning a mountain excursion for a group of boy or girl scouts? Or how about planning the church youth retreat? Or maybe you want to plan an extra special birthday party for your kiddo. Whatever the case may be, there’s no doubt that you want to book a stay in our 4 bedroom cabins in Smoky Mountains! Our cabins are the perfect place for kids because there is tons of built-in entertainment! We have game rooms with fun games like pool, air hockey, foosball and video games. We have theater rooms that take watching a movie to the next level of awesome. And the kids will have a blast splashing around in the cabin’s hot tub! It will be a weekend that they’ll be talking about for years!

2. Friend ReunionFriends having a cookout on the deck of a cabin.

Not only are our 4 bedroom cabins in Smoky Mountains awesome for kids, but they’re perfect for adults, too! If you’ve been meaning to get all your old pals together for a weekend of fun in the Smokies, our cabins make the perfect home-base. They’re close to all the best area restaurants and attractions, meaning you’ll never have to spend more than a few minutes in the car, and they’re also very affordable, especially when you share the price with a group of friends. And just like the kids, these “kids at heart” are sure to love the game and theater rooms!

3. Family Gathering

Instead of having the next family reunion at your house, avoid all the stress of cleaning and cooking by inviting everyone to a fun weekend at our 4 bedroom cabins in Smoky Mountains! Our cabins have large family rooms where everyone can comfortably gather together, fully equipped kitchens perfect for preparing large meals for everyone to enjoy together and private bedrooms to escape to when you need some peace and quiet! You really will be amazed by how one minute you can be chatting with the whole family in the living room or on the large, outdoor deck and not feel crowded at all, and the next minute you can be relaxing in your own private suite with a jacuzzi tub and breathtaking mountain views. Our cabins are truly the best of both worlds!

A newly married couple celebrating with friends.4. Wedding Party

If you’ve been searching for the perfect place to have your special day, there truly is no better place in the world than the Smoky Mountains. The scenery is beautiful in every season, the people are friendly and welcoming, the location is convenient for most people and our 4 bedroom cabins in Smoky Mountains are a great place for your wedding party to stay. Our cabins are spacious with plenty of room for everyone to get ready for the big day, and the mountain scenery surrounding the cabins makes a beautiful backdrop for your professional photos. After the ceremony, invite your closest friends and family back to the cabin for an evening of celebration!

For a group vacation that everyone is sure to love, book a weekend at our 4 bedroom cabins in Smoky Mountains today!