4 Benefits of Staying at a Gatlinburg Cabin with a Swimming Pool

Swimming pool access is one of the most popular amenities we offer at Acorn Cabin Rentals! Your family will never be bored when all the fun of a pool is just steps away from your vacation rental. We have put together a list of the top four benefits of staying at a Gatlinburg cabin with a swimming pool:

1. Stay Cool on a Hot Day

A swimming pool near your cabin is the best way to chill out on a hot summer afternoon! After a morning hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or a brisk walk through town, relaxing in the pool is incredibly refreshing. If you are working on your tan, lay out by the pool to soak up the rays and then hop in the water to cool off . With your cabin so close, you can simply wrap up in a towel and take a shower before your evening activities.

2. Awesome Way to ExerciseWoman reading a book by the water near her Gatlinburg cabin with a swimming pool

Our swimming pools provide a fun way to keep in shape, so you can stay on top of your fitness program while you are on vacation in Gatlinburg! It is well known that swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises, because you use virtually every muscle in your body. So even if you indulge in some delicious southern cooking at one of Gatlinburg’s many excellent restaurants, you can always look forward to returning to your cabin’s pool to burn off the extra calories. Even if you are not a lap swimmer, you can still enjoy great exercise benefits from playing with your kids in the pool.

3. Kids Love Pools

When you stay at a Gatlinburg cabin with a swimming pool, your kids will be talking about their vacation all summer long! Although there are many great attractions throughout Gatlinburg, an afternoon at the pool is the highlight of a Smoky Mountain getaway for many families. Since most people don’t have convenient access to a pool at their home, being able to go for a swim whenever you want really is a special benefit for kids vacationing with us. Sit back and smile as your kids splash around with delight, or join in the fun as you carry your child through the pool on your shoulders. As a bonus for parents, all of this fun pool activity is great exercise for the kids, so they should fall right asleep at night!

Kids jumping into the water ar thier Gatlinburg cabin with a swimming pool.4. Make New Friends

Spending time at your cabin’s pool is a great opportunity to meet other Acorn Cabins guests from all over the country. It’s always fun to make some new friends on vacation, and your kids will love having additional playmates. Enjoy a pleasant afternoon lounging by the pool with the other parents, as the kids challenge each other to races and hand stand contests. If you would rather just spend time with your own family during your trip, consider renting one of our  cabins with private swimming pools: Gone Swimmin’, Splash Mansion, or Skinny Dippin’.

If you have any questions about staying at a Gatlinburg cabin with a swimming pool, don’t hesitate to send us a message via the Acorn Cabin Rentals Contact page or give our vacation specialists a call today!