4 Shops in Gatlinburg That Have Fun Souvenirs

During your vacation to Gatlinburg, you need to get an item to take back with you as a reminder of the fun times you had on your vacation. Whether you’re looking for something for the kids or something for yourself, you will have plenty of items to choose from. To make the job a little easier, we’ve made a list of 4 shops in Gatlinburg that have fun souvenirs:

1. Old Thyme Photos

Even though you may take a lot of photos during your vacation to Gatlinburg, you should still head into Old Thyme Photos for a photography experience like no other. This is one of the unique shops in Gatlinburg because you get to take black and white, old time looking photos. You even get into costume to make your pictures that much more authentic. You may be able to include your pet in the photos as well. If you end up having the picture framed in your house, it will be a fun story to tell guests.

2. Santa’s Claus-Et

Santa's Claus-et in Gatlinburg TNDo you love Christmas? If so, you can experience it all year round at Santa’s Claus-Et. Come inside to shop for all the things that remind you of your favorite holiday, such as Christmas trees and personalized ornaments. You can also choose from edible souvenirs such as fruit spreads, salsa, and pickles. You may be able to try free samples of some items while you shop. As if all the Christmas items weren’t enough, customers get to see the man in red. Santa Claus is there during his off season. With enough convincing, he may get a head start on your list!

3. The Soft Shirt Place

A t-shirt is a very popular souvenir item. The Soft Shirt Place has a more unique experience than other shops in Gatlinburg when it comes to buying t-shirts. This is because they specialize in making custom shirts. You get to choose from more than 25 shirt colors and 90 Smoky Mountain designs. You may think the customization aspect takes a long time. However, this is surprisingly not the case. In fact, your shirt will be ready to wear in less than 60 seconds!

4. Fowler’s Clay Works

person creating pottery on a wheelIf you love art, Fowler’s Clay Works is the shop for you! This family-owned shop offers a variety of experiences for customers of all ages. First, you can buy handmade art. They have decorative pieces such as vases. You can also get functional works of art including mugs and baking dishes. Along with shopping, you can also watch as the skilled artisans make the beautiful works of art. If you get inspired by watching them, you can take pottery classes at the shop and make your own pieces. Who knows? You may discover a hidden talent.

There is definitely no shortage of shops in Gatlinburg with fun souvenirs. If you need ideas for more things to do in Gatlinburg, read about some of our favorite area attractions!