6 Tips for Vacationing with Your Dog in a Pet Friendly Cabin in Gatlinburg

Vacationing in the Smokies is even more fun when you can bring your four-legged friend! Don’t leave them at home the next time you plan on visiting the Smoky Mountains when they can come with you on vacation! Here are 6 great tips for the perfect getaway in a pet friendly cabin in Gatlinburg.

1. Get Your Dog Ready for Travel

Before you leave for your trip, be sure to bring your dog to the vet for a checkup and to get any shots that may be due. In addition, make sure you have all of the essential accessories for traveling with your pooch: a sturdy leash and collar, some of his favorite toys and blankets for comfort, and a grooming brush.

2. Choose a Pet Friendly Cabin in Gatlinburg

wet bear pawsWe have a great selection of pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg to choose from. We have everything from cozy and comfortable one bedroom cabins all the way up to spacious eight bedroom cabins for larger groups. No matter what size cabin you rent, you will enjoy a variety of amazing amenities, such as fireplaces, gas grills, satellite TV, arcade games, hot tubs, Wi-Fi and so much more. Your dog will love playing in your cabin’s yard and lounging on the porch with the rest of the family!

3. Keep Your Dog Comfortable During the Trip

Some dogs are accustomed to travel, while others might need a little training before your vacation. If your dog is not used to cars, it’s a good idea to take him on some short excursions before you bring him on a longer trip. You may also want to consider keeping your dog in a crate during the journey. In addition to being safer for everybody, it also allows your dog to relax and feel secure. When planning your route, make sure there are plenty of rest stops where you can walk your dog.

4. Find Pet Friendly Destinations in the Area

gatlinburg trailThe Gatlinburg area is home to many pet friendly attractions that you and your dog will love! Dogs are allowed in all of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s picnic areas and roads as long as they are kept on a leash at all times. Visitors to the park can also walk their dog along the Gatlinburg Trail, located near the Sugarlands Visitor Center.

If you visit Dollywood, the theme park has a great kennel called Doggywood where you can drop off your pup before you hit the rides. The Gatlinburg Sky Lift actually lets guests bring their dog with them on an incredibly scenic chairlift ride through the Smoky Mountains!

5. Pack Your Dog’s Favorite Food

Your dog will feel more comfortable if you don’t change his diet during the trip, so be sure to bring plenty of his favorite food. While there will be stores in the Gatlinburg area where you can stock up on dog food, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get the same variety you can at home.

6. Make Sure Your Dog Can Be Identified

hiking dogAs long as you keep your dog on a leash, it’s not likely that he’s going to get lost. However, it’s a sensible precaution to make sure that he can be identified. An ID collar that has your contact information on it is the simplest way to ensure this. Some dog owners take the extra step of microchipping their pet. Either way, you will want to make it is as easy as possible for a stranger to return your dog to you in case you get separated.

Before you book a pet friendly cabin in Gatlinburg, check out our Smoky Mountain cabin specials page for our latest deals, discounts, and coupons!