4 Fun Activities You Can Enjoy at Our Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals with Game Rooms

Game rooms are one of the most highly sought after amenities for cabins in Gatlinburg, TN! When you have a game room in your home away from home, your family will never be bored during your vacation. While each cabin is a little different, some of the most popular features you may find in your game room include pool tables, foosball, air hockey, arcade games, and video games. To help you make the most of your next vacation, Acorn Cabin Rentals has put together a guide to four fun activities you can enjoy at our Gatlinburg cabin rentals with game rooms.

1. Teach Your Children the Finer Points of Pool

Many families don’t have pool tables at home, so staying at a cabin with a game room is a great opportunity to introduce your little ones to a brand new activity. Teaching your kids how to rack the balls, line up a shot, and sink one in the corner pocket can be very rewarding for both parents and kids. Be warned: after a week of practicing billiards in Gatlinburg, your children might just become pool sharks!

2. Travel Back in Time with Retro Arcade GamesArcade games at a Gatlinburg cabin rental.

If you frequented arcades in the ‘80s, our Gatlinburg cabin rentals with game rooms will be a real blast from the past! Some of our game rooms come with full-sized arcade machines that are loaded with classic games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pac-Man, and Frogger. Anyone who grew up playing these beloved games will have a blast returning to their old favorites and sharing them with the next generation. The best part of playing in your cabin’s private arcade is that there is no need to keep pumping quarters into the machines – they are all completely free to use!

3. Kids vs. Parents Foosball Match

Foosball is the perfect activity for a family of four! If you want to introduce some friendly competition into your vacation, split your family into two teams and prepare for the match of the century. One fun way to organize the teams is pitting the parents vs. kids. Your children will love trying to pull an upset by beating Mom and Dad. However, families with young children may want to put parents on opposing teams to avoid one side being too overpowered.

An air hockey table at a Gatlinburg cabin rental.4. Have a High Stakes Tournament

Guests who are ready to take their game room tournament to the next level should consider adding some stakes to the competition. One fun idea is to let the winner of your tournament choose a restaurant for the whole family to eat dinner at that night. Another (crueler) possibility is making the loser of the tournament do the dishes next time you cook a meal at home. Of course, “bragging rights” is always a wonderful prize for a family game night. If you are looking for a great tournament activity, air hockey is an excellent choice because it is easy to play and doesn’t require teams.

To start planning your next getaway, browse our complete selection of Gatlinburg cabin rentals with game rooms!