Top 5 Reasons Guests Love Our Gatlinburg Cabins with Theater Rooms

When planning a vacation at Acorn Cabin Rentals, you can look forward to comfortable bedrooms, scenic mountain views, full kitchens, hot tubs and other excellent amenities! If you want to enjoy some extra entertainment in your cabin, you won’t want to miss our cabins with a home theater room! Here are the top 5 reasons why guests love our Gatlinburg cabins with theater rooms:

1. Ultimate Movie Viewing Experience

Our Gatlinburg cabins with theater rooms provide the ultimate movie viewing experience! With everything from huge screens to state-of-the-art audio systems, you will truly feel as if you are in the movie theater! This is the perfect place to watch the latest blockbuster action releases or to snuggle up with your sweetheart while viewing a romantic movie! Take advantage of your fully equipped kitchen to prepare popcorn and any other snacks as you settle in for a fun night at the movies!

2. Keeps the Kids Entertained

The home theater at the Splash N Play cabin in GatlinburgAnother reason why guests love our Gatlinburg cabins with theater rooms is because they provide instant entertainment! The home theater room comes in especially handy for those parents whose kids get bored easily. Once you play one of their favorite movies or set up a video game, your children will be entertained for hours! While the kids are busy in the home theater room, you can take advantage of this time to relax on your private deck or to kick back in the bubbling hot tub!

3. Fun Rainy Day Activity

If rain or other inclement weather has spoiled your outdoor plans for the day, use this as an opportunity to enjoy the home theater room at Acorn Cabin Rentals! The rain provides the perfect background to watch a spooky horror movie or a suspense film! After spending just an hour or two in the home theater room, the sun will be shining again and you can resume your outdoor activities!

4. Affordable Cabin Rates

The theater room in the Big Bear Cinema cabinWhile our Gatlinburg cabins with home theater rooms might sound like a luxury, you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable rates! If you are sharing one of our larger cabins with a group of family members or friends, the price per person gets even lower! When planning your vacation to the Smoky Mountains, don’t forget to browse our latest cabin specials for deals that can make your trip even more affordable!

5. Awesome for Sports Fans

Our Gatlinburg cabins with theater rooms are not just for movie buffs, but awesome for sports fans too! When you settle into the theater room to watch the big game, you have a front row seat to the action! Gather your friends and family members around the big screen to watch your home team as they attempt to defeat their rivals! There is just no better place for sports fans to stay in the Smokies than at Acorn Cabin Rentals!

Check out all of our Gatlinburg cabins with theater rooms today to plan your vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains! We look forward to seeing you soon at Acorn Cabin Rentals!