4 Reasons 5 Bedroom Gatlinburg Cabins are Perfect for a Group Vacation

Jan 28, 2016

A group of friends on vacation outside of our 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins.If you’re anything like us, you love taking trips and you probably know it’s more fun to take trips with large groups of friends or family. The thing is finding a place where your entire group can stay. One of the best places that is home to many great 5 bedroom cabins is the Gatlinburg area. Not only are there many great 5 bedroom cabins but there are also many amazing things for you and your group to do together during your visit. Here are reasons why 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins are perfect for your group vacation.

1. Plenty of Space

One of the most important things to look for when you are looking at lodging options is to make sure there is plenty of space for your entire group. All of our 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins are very spacious so you and your group will have plenty of space to hang out during your downtime and everyone will have a comfortable bed at night to sleep in.

2. Pet-Friendly CabinsA dog sticking his head out the window of a car.

Maybe part of your group is your favorite furry companion so you want them to come with you on your group vacation. Many of our 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins are pet-friendly so your furry friend can go where you go. Also, there are many great pet-friendly attractions throughout the area so your furry friend can go where you go throughout your vacation.

3. Perfect Place to Relax

After a wonderful day exploring everything the Gatlinburg area has to offer there is nothing better than getting to relax with your family and friends in one of our 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins. Our 5 bedroom cabins are designed with your comfort in mind, many of our cabins are perfect for relaxing with hot tubs, fireplaces, full kitchens, game rooms and even large theater rooms. All of these amenities will allow you and your group to have fun no matter if you are just spending time in one of our 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins or if you are out exploring the Gatlinburg area.

The city of Gatlinburg.4. Near All the Great Gatlinburg Attractions

Of course, in order to relax after a wonderful day of exploring you have to go out and see what Gatlinburg has to offer. Gatlinburg has many amazing attractions that are perfect for you and your large group. Some of the best Gatlinburg attractions include Ober Gatlinburg, the Gatlinburg Space Needle, and the many amazing hiking trails throughout the area. At each of these locations, you will get to see beautiful views and really take in the Gatlinburg area. This is an experience you and your group do not want to miss out on. Also, what makes all of these attractions even more amazing is that they are all conveniently located near our 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins, so you will never have to travel far to experience all that Gatlinburg has to offer.

So that you can experience all that Gatlinburg has to offer at a great price check out our Gatlinburg cabin specials for great deals on our cabins.


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