4 of the Best Breakfast Places in Gatlinburg

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say. While you could cook at your cabin, there are breakfast places in Gatlinburg that could make your morning easier and super delicious! 

1. Pancake Pantry

The Pancake Pantry is the only place in town that has a line that reaches well outside of the door on most mornings. With its real butter, hand whipped whip-cream, and made from scratch recipes, it doesn’t take long to understand why this is one of the best breakfast places in Gatlinburg. Good news they are open until around middle afternoon, which is longer than most pancake houses.

2. Atrium PancakesDelicious baked apple pancake.

Atrium Pancakes has its history and roots planted in the Gatlinburg area. The owner has lived in the area for a long time and knows everyone at the local grocery store. He knows them all because every morning the owner of Atrium Pancakes goes shopping for fresh produce and all the items he needs for his pancake house that day. Everything on the menu at Atrium Pancakes is made-from-scratch, fresh. Their baked apple pancake is one of the highlights of the menu.

3. Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp is one of the newer places on this list, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best breakfast places in Gatlinburg. The sign out front looks like a large cast iron skillet and that right there is your hint about what it’s like inside. The decor is rustic, portions are large, some even served in cast iron skillets, and the food is delicious. A cool thing about Crockett’s is that they offer gluten-free menu items also. This is another restaurant that does have the potential to get a long line so be prepared for a possible wait.

Eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fruit4. Little House of Pancakes

The Little House of Pancakes is family owned and operated. They offer authentic, Southern cooking for breakfast and lunch. The Little House of Pancakes is very affordable, and every day they offer a $5 meal for breakfast or lunch that will definitely fill up your tummy without emptying your wallet. This is a local favorite and doesn’t usually have a line out the door like some of the other breakfast places in Gatlinburg.

Acorn Cabin Rentals has cabins in the Gatlinburg area just minutes away from all of these tasty restaurants. When you get done stuffing your belly you can either come back to cuddle up in your warm bed or go exploring in downtown Gatlinburg.